Fabulous Food, Impeccable Service

Regal Caterers presents modern kosher cuisine. Our culinary standard is fresh and progressive, incorporating the latest trends in dining while maintaining the old-world tradition that a certified Kof-K glatt kosher event demands. Regal's signature service is executed by a team of polished, professional waitstaff trained to anticipate your every need, offering attentive yet unobtrusive service, always imparting our enthusiasm for event perfection.


Our Supervision Defined

Regal Caterers is certified glatt kosher under Kof-K, one of the leading kosher certification agencies in the United States. Whether at any of our exclusive locations in Long Island and New York or at an off-premises event, our clients can rest assure that Regal Caterers meets the highest kosher standards, maintaining kashruth while never sacrificing quality or consistency of food, service and presentation.